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About us


Czech Brewmasters s.r.o., a limited liability company, was established in 2002 and immediately started helping breweries to solve technological issues. For a list of frequently solved problems please click here. We have been providing technology consulting services for large and medium-sized breweries and, recently, for minibreweries as well. Our brewers have worked in over fifty breweries. For a list of references please click here.

Since 2007, we have been setting up breweries as well; small ones ourselves, larger ones in cooperation with our partners.  

The Present

In 2008, the company's ownership structure was changed, resulting in an expansion of our portfolio of services.

Czech Brewmasters s.r.o. cooperates with other companies and specialists in the brewing industry or related fields (equipment manufacturers, raw material suppliers, hotel/restaurant/catering and gastronomy specialists) and can, therefore, best respond to different requirements of individual customers.

Our customers' demands have led us to other related activities, such as arranging the purchase of malt, hops, used equipment and KEGs purchases.

We provide consulting services in the area of beer sales and marketing in collaboration with leading experts.

In 2011, we built the Na Kopečku Brewery, a minibrewery, in the town of Svitavy in Moravia and have been operating it ever since. We sell our beer in the adjoining restaurant but also supply it to other vendors from time to time. We train our brewmasters in our brewery to ensure that all our customers are provided the same high quality brewmasters. We have also trained our customers' brewmasters at the minibrewery.

We operate our own brewery and are brewmasters ourselves. That is our advantage. We have experience with difficulties that our customers encounter, and we know how to eliminate them.

Please view our photo gallery for pictures of our Na Kopečku Brewery in Svitavy as well as those of our customers' breweries.

Our breweries

Na Kopečku Brewery

Kunratice Brewery

Please take a look at our picture gallery. You can also find pictures of our reference brewery Na Kopečku, in Svitavy and brewery Kunratice, in Prague.

Why us

We are brewmasters and guarantee the quality of the beer. Beer from a minibrewery is an excellent marketing attraction and we will advise you how to best use it.

Turnkey implementation

We can set up your minibrewery according to your wishes. As contractors, we save both your time and money. 


We apply solutions that have proven to be successful. Our experts draw on experiences gathered by the whole group. We are creative and love our profession.