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Additional services

Sale of raw material and consumables

  • This service is used mainly by foreign clients who want to purchase raw materials or consumables with guaranteed quality
  • Besides malt and hops, we have also mediated the sale of KEGs, filters, air filters, glasses, taps etc.
  • We usually recommend suppliers that we cooperate with ourselves and have had an excellent experience with their products
  • We will prepare customs documents, contracts and invoices in Russian or English to prevent any issues with customs clearance
  • We will arrange the delivery of supplies from various suppliers to be loaded and cleared through customs on the same day to avoid any idle time or penalties by the carrier.
  • In case of deliveries from multiple suppliers, we will make sure that the contract, invoice and customs documents are prepared by one of the suppliers; this is usually the malt house as it delivers items of both the highest volume and total cost


  • We will conduct a tasting to evaluate the quality of your beer
  • We will compare the quality of your beer with that of your competitors'
  • We will point out possible causes of deficiencies
  • We will organize a tasting training with your staff


Sales and marketing consulting

  • We offer these additional services in collaboration with marketing and sales experts.
  • Our clients appreciate this comprehensive service. Thanks to the cooperation of our brewmaster and a marketing expert, we are able to prepare a product that is in demand and you can brew it with your equipment.
  • Please see below for a detailed overview of marketing and sales processes that we can assist you with by ensuring their proper functioning and setting up control mechanisms according to international standards.
  • Sales and marketing consulting for beer brewing, beverages, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) including international trade
  • Comprehensive solution for each individual business case
  • Sales and services mediation
  • Sales and marketing audits
  • Counseling and assistance in the area of business activities, contacts and supply chains

Based on our personal business experience from international and domestic companies, attendance of training abroad and preparation of internal training, we provide the following:

  • Programs tailored to your company's needs
  • Close cooperation on strategic plans with the company's management
  • Evaluation of business activities within the company's strategic plans and their impact on the sales department
  • Efficiency evaluation of middle management and line workers
  • Review of the current state, identification of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Recommendation of concrete steps to be taken, ensuring both domestic and international networking
  • Training for middle management, instructions for the training of line workers
  • Business activities audit
  • Business planning and strategy for both domestic and export trade
  • Integrating sales and marketing plans
  • Distribution channels evaluation
  • Market coverage evaluation
  • Identification of market opportunities
  • Development of business, distribution channels, accounts and game plans
  • Action plans
  • SMART objectives
  • Effective business data administration
  • Management and allocation of sales and marketing costs
  • K/A management
  • K/A team structure
  • K/A significance
  • Managing the K/A relationship
  • K/A profiles
  • Annual meetings
  • Key performance indicators
  • K/A segmentation and prioritizing
  • Sales and marketing costs monitoring
  • Decision making based on objective data
  • Category management
  • Space planning
  • Planograms
  • Pay for performance
  • Business contracts
  • External and internal merchandising


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Our breweries

Na Kopečku Brewery

Kunratice Brewery

Please take a look at our picture gallery. You can also find pictures of our reference brewery Na Kopečku, in Svitavy and brewery Kunratice, in Prague.

Why us

We are brewmasters and guarantee the quality of the beer. Beer from a minibrewery is an excellent marketing attraction and we will advise you how to best use it.

Turnkey implementation

We can set up your minibrewery according to your wishes. As contractors, we save both your time and money. 


We apply solutions that have proven to be successful. Our experts draw on experiences gathered by the whole group. We are creative and love our profession.