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Managing your project

  • We will be happy to provide assistance if you are planning a major project or are looking for experts for your project team
  • We can be a valuable part of your project team
  • We are experienced in managing project teams
  • We can provide a secondary examination of your suppliers' quotes
  • We have been involved in projects for the construction of new breweries, renovation of equipment or whole breweries, as well as the development of new products
  • We can prepare complete “turnkey projects” (project preparation, technical plans, assistance during the selection procedure, contractor supervision, guarantee tests, staff training)
  • We cooperate with equipment manufacturers for large breweries (ZVU Potez, Project Soft, Alfa Laval, etc.)

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Our breweries

Na Kopečku Brewery

Kunratice Brewery

Please take a look at our picture gallery. You can also find pictures of our reference brewery Na Kopečku, in Svitavy and brewery Kunratice, in Prague.

Why us

We are brewmasters and guarantee the quality of the beer. Beer from a minibrewery is an excellent marketing attraction and we will advise you how to best use it.

Turnkey implementation

We can set up your minibrewery according to your wishes. As contractors, we save both your time and money. 


We apply solutions that have proven to be successful. Our experts draw on experiences gathered by the whole group. We are creative and love our profession.