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What does cooperation with us entail?

Basic project information

We will collect basic information about your project:

  1. Expected capacity. We can help you determine it exactly.
  2. Architectural drawings or designs of your premises.
  3. Your expectations concerning assortment of products, methods of distribution and tapping
  4. Utilities (water, electricity, gas)


We will prepare:

  1. Basic quote (for the ideal equipment system for your capacity)
  2. Include the equipment layout into your architectural drawing
  3. Information concerning the construction part of the project
  4. Cost analysis per 1 liter


Personal meeting

We will invite you for an appointment in one of our breweries in order to:

  1. Provide our commentary on all background documentation
  2. Explain what each piece of equipment is used for, and show the results of our work
  3. Provide a tasting sample of beer brewed on the equipment that we have delivered
  4. Answer all your questions
  5. Discuss all details of your project and your expectations. We will modify our offer so that it exactly matches your plans and provides all of your desired possibilities


Project implementation

  • Once we receive your order, we will agree on a fixed date for the equipment delivery and the startup of your operation.
  • We will prepare a draft contract for your approval, including the agreed schedule and an accurate description of the equipment. The price will not be increased. The delivery will include everything that is needed so that you can start production immediately after it is installation.
  • It has proven useful to arrange regular checkups with our clients to discuss the progress made so far and confirm our preparation of the equipment and that the construction work is proceeding as planned.
  • We will be on the premise to oversee the equipment's installation and train your employees. Their presence during the installation is recommended.
  • After the equipment has been installed, we will ensure that all of the components work properly, thoroughly sanitize all of the equipment, and brew a test batch.
  • If you decide to use the services of our brewmaster, he will brew beer according to your requirements for a period of time that you specify.
  • If you decide to employ your own brewmaster, we will provide additional training.
  • In either case we will not leave before we make sure that the equipment meets all the terms and conditions that we have committed ourselves to.
  • After the equipment delivery, we can provide counseling services or a brewmaster if needed. At this moment, the whole project only begins for you and mistakes should be avoided. We will be happy to share our experience from previous projects and apply useful and proven solutions to avoid any future disappointments. 

We cooperate with a number of renowned companies to provide correct calculations and determine the ideal solution.

Arrange a consultation with us
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Our breweries

Na Kopečku Brewery

Kunratice Brewery

Please take a look at our picture gallery. You can also find pictures of our reference brewery Na Kopečku, in Svitavy and brewery Kunratice, in Prague.

Why us

We are brewmasters and guarantee the quality of the beer. Beer from a minibrewery is an excellent marketing attraction and we will advise you how to best use it.

Turnkey implementation

We can set up your minibrewery according to your wishes. As contractors, we save both your time and money. 


We apply solutions that have proven to be successful. Our experts draw on experiences gathered by the whole group. We are creative and love our profession.